Episode 10: Is Abortion Ever Okay?

Episode 10: Is Abortion Ever Okay?

Are there ever cases where abortion is morally allowed? Many people who dislike abortion may feel that there are “exceptions” which is why they may hesitate to fight for abortion being made illegal. In this second installment of the abortion conversation, Jacque and Megan discuss rare, difficult, or traumatic experiences where people may wonder if abortion should be allowed. 

Disclaimer: This episode is meant for pro-lifers looking for better responses for their side, pro-choicers who want to understand the other side, or those who find this conversation interesting. This is not meant for women who have had an abortion or in any way meant to shame or hurt post-abortive women. 

Issues covered in this episode:

  1. Is abortion ever medically necessary? 
  2. What about ectopic pregnancies? 
  3. What about in cases of rape or incest? 
  4. What about babies who have a terminal diagnosis? 
  5. What about babies who have a disability? 
  6. Is abortion women’s liberation? 
  7. Is abortion regret real? 

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