Episode 71: Finding Common Ground Between a Catholic and a Protestant? What We Can Agree On.

Episode 71: Finding Common Ground Between a Catholic and a Protestant? What We Can Agree On.

Catholics & Protestants may disagree on a lot…and we’ve talked about many of those issues…but we also agree on a lot! The fundamentals of the Christian faith are in agreement between both of our traditions.

Our video on our favorite things about each other’s faith tradition: https://youtu.be/iMlq4N9oRAE?si=q1z4zGYtZS4wSBth

Truth Unites on Divine Simplicity: https://youtu.be/wlpdpAnVwgI?si=zjHWlISwFduUH9e4

Essence-Energies Distinction: https://youtu.be/gvfPICJGcHo?si=JkwbkaO-ygqdo0ex


Our podcast was born from our friendship. We are two people with very different beliefs, yet a shared desire to have understanding and unity! We love to have good natured “Catholic vs. Protestant” conversations to bridge the gap between our faith traditions. On this podcast, we talk about real and difficult topics such as mental health, faith, sex, shame, and more to cultivate a space where we can all just talk about it. In a culture of social media outrage, division, and “cancelling”, we want to create an environment in which we can have fruitful discussion & disagreement.

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