Episode 83: Navigating an Inter-Denominational Marriage – An Interview with Della Bright

Episode 83: Navigating an Inter-Denominational Marriage – An Interview with Della Bright

What happens when a Catholic and a Protestant get married? Today we talk with Della Bright about her journey navigating an inter-denominational marriage with her husband after she decided to take her Protestant faith seriously and he decided to take his Catholic faith seriously. A few of the questions we asked Della: 


  • What tradition were you raised in?
  • How did you navigate being convicted in different traditions of the faith: your husband Catholic and you Protestant?
  • What were some of the main issues you faced in your marriage due to being convicted in different traditions?
  • In what ways did you still feel united, even in your differences? 
  • Do you have advice for those in an interdenominational relationship/marriage? 


Della Bright is an aspiring author whose mission is to encourage women to live a fruitful life inside and outside of the home. Inside the home, she enjoys sharing about home cooking, homesteading, and homeschooling. Outside of the home, she loves to help Christians understand the importance of lovingly and respectfully sharing their faith, their stories, and their opinions on the important issues of the day. 


Della’s Website: https://www.dellabright.com/

Follow Della on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dellaofthefruitfulfarm/




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